How do I verify my account on CoinMENA?




- Click on Account Verification from the Portfolio tab


- From the drop-down menu, choose your Nationality, Country of Residence, and the Currency you would like to trade with


- Choose the proof of address document from the dropdown menu and upload the document


Please ensure you upload both sides of the document if it is an Identification document or type in the following: 

a) Street

b) City

c) Unit or Suite

d) Postal Code/ Block Number




- Enter your:

a) First Name as per your passport

b) Last name as per your passport

c) Place of Birth

d) Passport Expiration Date


- If you are an expatriate resident, then please provide your Residency information:

a) Upload the valid residency visa front image

b) Upload the valid residency visa back image

c) Residency Visa Expiration Date



- Choose your employment status from the dropdown menu

a) If you are an employee, please provide your Company Name and your Job title

b) If you are self-employed, please provide us with the name of your business



- Upload Bank Account Details Summary which consists of the IBAN, Bank Account Holder Name, Account Number, and SWIFT Code



- Tick the Agree to CoinMENA's Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy box and confirm that you are the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) of funds, then proceed by clicking on the Submit button

- Click on the Continue Verification button

- You will be redirected to upload a copy of your valid passport after selecting the Country of Passport



- Select any suitable option to either upload an image of your valid passport from your computer or have its image clicked using live capture (you also have the liberty to perform live capture of your passport from your mobile device if you prefer)



Once completed:

- You will be directed to perform Biometric Verification by having your facial movements recorded


Your account will be activated within 24 hours if the due diligence process is completed satisfactorily.